Homemade Lye Soap
by Stewart’s Crafts

Sources of Lye

The #1 question that we are asked, besides those about our soap, is:

“Where can I find some lye?”

Until recently, the answer was:  at your local grocery store or hardware store in the plumbing section, or ask them to special order it for you.

Red Devil® Lye was a common brand of sodium hydroxide.  It was used for unclogging drains.

However, we’ve learned that it is getting more difficult to locate lye today in local stores since it is a hazardous material and since it has become misused by drug makers.  If your local store cannot order it for you, try searching on the internet for soap suppliers or chemical stores in your local area.  Two online sources are:  EBay (search for lye or sodium hydroxide) and here’s a good site.

Whenever you use lye, you MUST FOLLOW the hazardous cautions printed on the container.  IT IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.  Just the vapor from the lye can be harmful.  Children, pets, and clumsy people should be located approximately two miles from you, when you are working with lye!!!  (They should NEVER be in the same room with you and the lye.)