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Made from lard, lye and water, just like Grandma made her soap!  There are no additives, no perfume, no essential oils, no fragrances, no dyes, no Triclosan.  The natural glycerin has NOT been removed, so it remains in the soap to moisturize your skin.

The bars are rectangular, approximately 5 ounces in weight.  (A stick of butter weighs 4 ounces for comparison.)  The bars are hand cut, and have not been “dressed,” the corners and edges are not rounded, they have not been polished with alcohol.
Bar of Soap
$3.50 each
Pure N Simple Soap Bar Pure N Simple
Cinnamon-Oatmeal Soap Bar Cinnamon-Oatmeal
Lavender Soap Bar Lavender
Lemon Soap Bar Lemon
Washing Powder Grandpa took out his pocket knife and shaved some pieces from the family’s bar of homemade lye soap into the iron wash pot, full of boiling water and dirty clothes... We’ve made it easier for you!!  We’ve taken our Pure N Simple soap and pulverized it into a powder for you.  Then you can add it to your dish washer or clothes washing machine.  But just add a little bit:  approximately 2 teaspoons to the dish washer, or ¼ cup to your clothes washer.  Or dissolve it in a bucket of water for mopping, washing the truck, cleaning the vinyl house siding, anything that’s dirty! Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda, or ¼ cup clear distilled vinegar to your rinse water for extra softness, avoiding the chemicals and perfumes from fabric softeners. Our Washing Powder is great for removing dirt, grime, grease, grass stains, animal odors and scents, and more! $6.00 each
Washing Powder 1-Pound Bag
Tin Tub Soap Dish These are so cute!  A small galvanized tin tub for the soap dish, with a bar of our Pure N Simple soap resting in it.  It’s all tied up in a lovely ribbon of your color choice.

These little tubs bring back memories of simpler times for many of us.

The Tin Tub Gift Set is a great gift idea for friends, family, yourself, teachers, secret pals and more.

You can actually use it every day as a soap dish, or use it in your home as a decoration!
$6.00 each
Tin Tub Soap Dish Gift Set
Wash Boards Our Washboards are brand new wooden Washboards ready for Laundry Day, or as a decoration in your home.

Our “Homemade Lye Soap” logo is wood-burned into the top panel on both front and back sides of the washboard.

Holes can be drilled into the top panel for hanging by a leather cord or ribbon.  We’ll be glad to drill the holes for you free of charge.  The ribbon and leather cord in the photo are not included with the Washboard.

These Washboards are reminders of how hardworking our ancestors were.  Every Monday was Laundry Day!  And these “cord-less portable washing machines” were put to good use.  In fact, they still work just as well today!
Small Wash Boards Shown
Wash Board
Small - $20.00
Small Wash Boards Shown
Wash Board
Large - $30.00