Homemade Lye Soap
by Stewart’s Crafts

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(also called Scrub Boards or Rub Boards)


$20.00 8.5"  wide by 18" tall fits nicely in a bucket


$30.00 12"  wide by 24" tall fits best in a washtub
or sink

Our Washboards are brand new wooden Washboards ready for Laundry Day, or as a decoration in your home.

Our “Homemade Lye Soap” logo is wood-burned into the top panel on both front and back sides of the washboard.

Holes can be drilled into the top panel for hanging by a leather cord or ribbon.  We’ll be glad to drill the holes for you free of charge.  The ribbon and leather cord in the photo are not included with the Washboard.

These Washboards are reminders of how hardworking our ancestors were.  Every Monday was Laundry Day!  And these “cord-less portable washing machines” were put to good use.  In fact, they still work just as well today!